Street shows


Bring together the best artists in order to combine performing arts, choreographed pyrotechnics, aerobatics and extreme sports, such is Icare Folies' programme leitmotiv.



The Salamander company: Peplum is a magnificient fire show unvailing the effervescent memories of the planetary human. The historical combats of mankind are invoked in a heated atmosphere followed by a not to be missed humanist flaming grand finale.

Trickline show:Coco Giro and his accomplices are back at the Coupe Icare with a breathtaking slackline show.

L’aréopostale : An interactive show where Captain Clément Adhère and his faithful acolyte Manolo Sanchez invite spectators to write a few words that will be relayed by public shout, the way it used to be done by town criers yesteryear.

Between sky and earth: Every year, with its laser projections, Frédéric André comes up with innovative ideas for the Coupe Icare to be in the spotlight. In St Hilaire and Lumbin




Batoucada Ziriguidoum
: Drawing on its several years experience, the Batoucada Ziriguidoum vibes will thunderously resonate all around the streets of the Coupe Icare.

Timbawo :South African inspired vocal group, Timbawo delightly combines popular singing and dancing from Africa.

La Fanfare Batukavi : This adoclescent batuca inevitably strengthens family ties among all generations, enticing them into their joyous beat and effervescent parades. In Lumbin



Jean-Matthieu's Handpan Music : Jean Matthieu is a handpan expert, his bewitching sound creates both a magical and looming atmosphere.

La fanfare à la noix : The FAN company exclusivly comprises bad news breakers, pessimistic thought absorbers and blocked ear canal relievers.  

La Fanfare Kimkama : dressed in black and yellow like a swarm of yellow jackets, they parade, gesticulate and stir things up… all in tune and rhythm of course. In Lumbin



The alpine bestiary: Merry-go-round, entirely made of driftwood, gathers alpine animals which are brought to life by parental propulsion.

Fepalgugus Compagny :Bobby Brian and his friend Branko, two comedians with flamboyant eloquence will easily manage the Icarnival challenge.

Mademoiselle Paillette : The stilt-walkers of Mademoiselle Paillette Company, well-known Coupe Icare participants, become every year more and more impressive, colourful and entertaining.

Tophotruk : There is no prentention, just a small box with a concentrate of life and simple emotions, which doesn’t serve any other purpose than to be enjoyed, and create photographic traces of moments of follies. 

Les Damoiz’elles : splendidly costumed, the dames create surprising situations fulll of humour, sensuality and elegance. A Lumbin


Programme created by:
In St Hilaire: Programme produced by Christian Pignoly - Art dans Désir - - tel

In Lumbin: Programme produced by Dominique Crebassa

Should the program of street shows be subjected to last minute changes, please accept our apologies in advance.

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