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Carte Blanche to Trente Festival



This year, the Coupe Icare receive the Trento Film Festival

Founded in 1952, Trento Film Festival is the oldest international film festival dedicated to the mountains, adventure and exploration.

Trento Film Festival has represented the point of reference on these subjects for more than sixty years, over time transforming itself into a genuine testing ground for visions and ideas on the highest lands on earth, embracing an ever increasing range of interests, including environmental and cultural issues and current affairs, making the festival environment and programme even more varied and stimulating.

Every year, Trento Film Festival presents the best documentaries, fiction works and short films set in the mountains and extreme areas around the world, recounting the fascinating and complex relationship between man and nature, promoting knowledge and protection of mountain areas, exploring links with peoples and cultures and celebrating major and minor climbing feats and mountain sports.



During the festival the city of Trento is transformed into the international capital of the mountains, acting as a meeting place for producers, directors, writers and climbers. From the beginning, climbing meetings have represented the jewel in the Festival’s crown and today the evening events, focusing on both past history and the present day, are an opportunity to meet the most important protagonists in international climbing. The festival programme includes round tables, music and theatre performances, readings and nocturnal entertainment, the “Mountain Trades Park”, a programme of events for children and families and the Cinema programme TFFKids.

Since 1987 the MontagnaLibri fair, an international showcase dedicated to publishing on the subject of the mountains, has become one of the most popular and varied events at Trento Film Festival, presenting around a thousand books and a programme of daily events with wellknown and successful authors. Along with writers, the mountains have always inspired artists, who have represented them by making use of the different  languages of art. The exhibitions presented during Trento Film Festival range from photography shows, to painting, sculpture and graphics, also exploring land art and video art or unusual and curious projects dedicated to games, comics and cartoons.

Via S.Croce, 67 - C/O Centro Santa Chiara - 38122 TRENTO - Italie
tel +39.0461.986120 - Fax +39.0461.237832

Next Festival : from April 26th to May 6th, 2018



The Trento Film Festival has selected the following program:...

Filmmaker : Jon Herranz (Espagne) – 8’
In summer 2014, Mar Alvarez became the fifth woman in history to climb the grade of  9a/5.14d. This was made even more impressive by the fact that Mar is not a professional climber and works full time as a firefighter.

Filmmaker : Jordi Canyigueral (Espagne) – 18’
The brothers  Eneko et Iker Pou are two of the best climbers in the world. What do they have in common with the sculptot Xicu Cabanyes end the shipbuilder Sebastian Vidal ?
Jordi Canyigueral’s documentary attempts to find a link between the four by combining sport, art and nature.

Filmmaker : Robert Steiner (Suisse) - 26’
While they are intent on reaching the peak of the Tupendeo, in Kashmir, Stephan Siegrist et Thomas Senf  find themselves face to face with a mystery : they find a rope for the descent, but the tracks disappear shortly afterwards. Their research will lead them to reconstruct a dramatic episode which has been forgotten.

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