Hanggliding airshow


Next to Grenoble Chartreuse Vol Libre, revisit the history of hang gliding from the Atlas wings of the 70s to the Swift not forgetting the Moyes, Atos and other remarkable aircraft!

Participation :
Pilots wishing to take part in the 2017 Coupe Icare Hang Gliding Air Show demonstration flights; must complete their application including a «Hang Gliding Air Show» enrolment form before September 15th.
All enrolments requests must be submitted on line via www.coupe-icare.org
After review of the applications, a list of participating pilots will be developed.
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Flight times:
- Saturday from 3:00 to 4:00 pm 
- Sunday from 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm

Pilot Briefing:
- Saturday and Sunday at 2:45 pm on the South Launch.



Launch Sites:
South Launch (« La Chapelle ») in Saint Hilaire du Touvet and ULM Launch of Lumbin (U1)

The flight box will be explained in detail during the briefing.
Fying over the public is strictly forbidden, both on launch and landing.  
Top landing on the plateau is not permitted.

Mandatory Equipment:
A fully functioning wing, serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, helmet, radio, reserve parachute.

Each pilot commits to a simple flight, giving the best visibility of the hang-glider to the general public. 
All security rules must be complied with. (Normal flight rules, safety distances, right of way, landing approach).
Not following these rules will result in the pilot being banned from the competition.
All aerobatics manoeuvres are prohibited.
Each pilot will following the flying recommendations of the manufacturer and will not undertake any manoeuvres outside of normal flight standards.

Shuttles, capable of carrying hang-gliders, are organized for the pilots

Engagement :
When applying to take part in this demonstration, the pilot is committing to following the flight rules below and the instructions of the Flight Director.
Any pilot non full following these flight rules can be banned from the event.

Info/Contact :
Michel CHARPENTIER : charpmic@cegetel.net



Download the rules of the Hanggliding Air Show Flight

Document PDFRules 2017 of the hang gliding Air Show (pdf)

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