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The jury for the ICARES OF CINEMA


The jury for the festival is composed of film and video professionals (programme producers, film directors, etc.) and free flight specialists.



Bernard CHABBERT (France)

Journalist – Reporter at large for Europe 1 radio station between 1971 and 2016.
Specialty: aerospace; has published over 1000 articles and made 300 test flights.

As a pilot, he has accumulated nearly 2000 hours in the air with 280 types of aircraft.

Producer of documentaries, he has produced and presented for many years the TV programme « Pégase » (France 3). Today he is president of Aerostar TV, an aerospace and astronomy theme channel.





Xavier COLL (Spain)


Film maker.
Awarded Icare of the Press in 2016 at the Icares of Cinéma for the film « Solo Base ».

Paraglider pilot, he also practices climbing and deep sea diving.





Jean-Yves FREDRIKSEN (France)

Mountain Guide and paraglider pilot.

He is best known for the films by Sébastien Devrient: «Suspentes et cordes de violon au Pakistan », awarded the Public’s Icare and Aventure Icare at St Hilaire in 2015 as well as the Golden Icare at St Hilaire in 2014 for «Violon, parapente et Himalaya».





Yohann GRIGNOU (France)


Film maker  – cameraman – editor

Awarded the Short Films Icare at the Icares of Cinéma 2016 for “HEADWAY”, a film made with Nicolas Romieu.

He discovered paragliding during the filming of the Paragliding Acrobatics Coupe de France of 2016.




Christophe SOMMET (France)

In 2005 he participated in the creation of Ushuaïa TV channel of which he is presently the general director.

Born of the success of the programme Ushuaïa presented by Nicolas Hulot, Ushuaïa TV offers a fascinating immersion into nature and a unique look at the people of the planet through unique film documentaries and shows.  Ushuaïa TV has been a partner of the Coupe Icare for the past four years.




Rosanna STEDILE (Italy)


After receiving her diploma in foreign languages, she worked as a teacher then as a translator before joing the Trento Film Festival team in 2002.

Today, she is responsible for coordinating the Festival and inviting special guests.

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