The evening in St Hilaire, music on the "cafet" marquee.

Thursday, September 21st


1st part (9:00pm) : LES AS DE PIQUE

Our 4 local adolescents of the Plateau des Petites Roches, talented songwriters and composers, are back! Their incredible adventure started 5 years ago on stage at the Coupe Icare. They will end their journey on this same stage before moving on to new projects whether artistic or sports oriented. A rendezvous not to be missed!




2nd part (10:00pm) : LE BIG UKULELE SYNDICATE

10 wacky union activist hustle on ukuleles, accompanied by two singers of another class, to craft music arrangements based on readaptations, while making sure efficiency and productivity meet employers’ expectations.

They will share their collective good mood, learnt the hard way while in the gulag.

Friday, September 22nd

1st part (9:30pm): CRIOLLANDO

Warm blood, powerful voice, glittery accordion, this north Argentinian folk music by the CRIOLLANDO trio conveys a burst of energy enriched by new fuses, a touch of eccentricity and breathtaking vibrancy.



2nd part (11:00pm): DIVERSGENS

6 performers will transport us in the world of Hip Hop, flavored with Ragga and Soul. Groove guaranteed.


Saturday, september 23th


1st part (10:00pm): THE FOXY LADIES

4 frantic foxes will distill an explosive cocktail of Punk and Hard Rock.



2nd part (11:45pm) : LAMUZGUEULE5

The Swing’s universal touch with powerful electro beat and bass! This rapacious quintet will guide you into a roaring concert mingling Swing, Funk and HipHop and transform the savanna into a dance-floor, to free the wild animal inside each of us. Watch out!

Programme provided by Martine Boisselier :

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